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  • What if I'm not Catholic? Can I still attend?
    Of Course! The speakers' topics, the worship and praise, the prayers and the fellowship can be appreciated by all Christian denominations, not only Catholics.
  • I am hesitant to come, since I have fallen away from the Church. Am I welcome?"
    You are fully and completely welcome. We want you to come, to take one step back toward God and His church. Sometimes all it takes is just one step to bring about a major change. Since the inception of the planning efforts, the planning committee has been praying specifically for you, that you will come home. We also welcome your questions.
  • What if I am a nursing mother?
    The Catholic Women's Conference exists to promote in women what Pope Saint John Paul II called our 'feminine genius'; our unique dignity given to every woman by God which is characterized by sensitivity, generosity, receptivity and maternity. In other words . . . . we love mothers! We understand if you feel uncomfortable leaving your wee ones at home; especially if you are nursing, so please feel free to bring them with you. However, we do ask that crying babies be taken to other areas so as not to disrupt the speaker talks, Mass and meditation events, in sensitivity to the other women attending.
  • Is childcare available?
    Unfortunately, no. We do apologize for any inconvience this may cause.
  • May my daughter attend?
    Yes, she may. The conference may be a wonderful mother-daughter bonding time. The speakers' topics are geared toward adults, so while each child is different, girls younger than high school might not be mature enough to fully comprehend the topics.
  • Is handicapped parking available?
  • Where do I park?
    Please see the following link for details on Civic Center Parking: Parking
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